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BR5 Ultra High Pressure Corrosion Resistant

To meet the demands for the safe reduction of inlet pressures up to 10,000 psig, BVF Regulator has designed the BR5 Series regulator. This precision regulator features a piston sensing design which provides the operator with low adjusting torque requirements when setting the outlet pressure. The body is constructed from 316L stainless steel, providing the ultimate in safety and corrosion resistance.The optional self-relieving feature provides an additional level in operational ease, as it allows for trapped downstream pressure to be safely vented to atmosphere through the bonnet

Product introduction

● Can be used for corrosive gases or liquids

● Adopting a piston-type structure, safe and reliable

● Needle roller bearings are easy to operate

● Multiple valve seat sealing materials are available

Technical parameters

● Maximum inlet pressure 10000psi (689bar)

● Pressure control range 6000psi (414bar)

● Flow coefficient (CV) 0.05/0.2

● NPT1/4 "F threaded connection

● Weight 2KG

Installation dimensions


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