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BCM4 Gas cylinder Manifold

BCM4 manifold is a kind of no-stop gas supply equipment, in order to improve work efficiency and safe production of multiple gas supply. The device assembling together to achieve centralized gas supply can reduce the number of cylinder replacement and make the convenient management of cylinders.

Product introduction

● Inlet 20 µ m filter increases service life

● Safety relief valve protection equipment

● Wall-mounted installation for easy observation and operation

● Body material: 316L stainless steel

Technical parameters

● Maximum inlet pressure 6000psi (414bar)

● Pressure control range 0-500psi (34.4bar)

● Flow coefficient (CV) 0.06/0.025/0.2/0.5

● Operating temperature: -40 ℃ to+260 ℃

Installation dimensions


How to order


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