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BCM2 Crossover Manifold

The COM-2B Series crossover manifold system uses two BR1 type stainless steel regulators built in a single body functioning as the changeover regulators with the common outlet port connected to a single line regulator to provide constant unchanging supply pressure unaffected by supply source depletion. All are mounted on a bracket complete with gauges. As the primary supply source depletes and the operating outlet pressure of the primary regulator falls below the preset changeover pressure of the secondary regulator, the secondary regulator takes over. Once this occurs, the primary regulator can be manually adjusted 1 ⁄8-turn counterclockwise, the secondary regulator is now the primary and the depleted supply source can be replaced.

Product introduction

● Inlet 20 µ m filter increases service life

● Safety relief valve protection equipment

● Wall-mounted installation for easy observation and operation

● Optional pressure switch alarm

Technical parameters

● Maximum inlet pressure 6000psi (414bar)

● Pressure control range 0-500psi (34.4bar)

● Flow coefficient (CV) 0.06/0.025/0.2/0.5

● Operating temperature: -40 ℃ to+260 ℃

Installation dimensions


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