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H2BR1 Steam Heated

H2BR1 Series heated pressure regulator is designed to supply heat to samples entering instrumentation systems. It can be used to preheat liquids, to prevent condensation of gases or to vaporize liquids prior to gas analysis.The modular design of the H2BR1 consists of heat exchanger and pressure control sections. The pressure control section is patterned after the time proven design of the BR1 pressure reducing regulator and provides the same excellent outlet pressure stability. The heat exchanger section is made up of a body and heat exchange element.

Product introduction

● The pressure-reducing part adopts the BR1 series

● The body is made of 316L stainless steel

● Metal or rubber material diaphragm

● Weight: 1.5KG

Technical parameters

● Maximum inlet pressure 3600psi (248bar)

● Pressure control range 0-500psi (34.4bar)

● Flow coefficient (CV) 0.06/0.025/0.2/0.5

● Heating temperature range -40-200 ℃ (302 ℉)

● Steam clamp sleeve 1/2 inch

Installation dimensions


How to order


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