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H1BR1 Electrically Heated

The H1BR1 Series heated pressure regulator is designed to supply heat to samples entering instrumentation systems.It can be used to preheat liquids, to prevent condensation of gases or to vaporize liquids prior to gas analysis.The modular design of the H1BR1 consists of heat exchanger and pressure control sections. The pressure control section is patterned after the time proven design of the BR1 pressure reducing regulator and provides the same excellent outlet pressure stability. 

Product introduction

● The pressure-reducing part adopts the BR1 series

● Microcomputer temperature module control

● The junction box and body are both explosion-proof in design

● The power supply adopts DC or 220V AC voltage

Technical parameters

● Maximum inlet pressure 3600psi (248bar)

● Pressure control range 0-500psi (34.4bar)

● Flow coefficient (CV) 0.06/0.025/0.2/0.5

● Heating temperature range -40-120 ℃ (302 ℉)

Installation dimensions




BVF Electric Tracing H1BR1 Product User Manual

Note: The H1BR1 product is charged, and its operation is risky, so it needs the help of professional electricians or Electrical engineers.

Product Description:

BVF electric heat tracing H1BR1 suits industrial design, laboratory units, scientific research enterprises, etc. It can prevent gas condensation caused by pressure reduction and heat release, resulting in gas-liquid mixtures that cannot be adequately depressurised.

Product Design:

The product pressure-reducing series refers to our company's BR1 universal pressure-reducing valve. Suitable for precise adjustment of gases and liquids, with 316L stainless steel as the main body. The maximum inlet pressure is 6000psi, the outlet pressure is adjustable from 0-500psi, and the flow value can be Cv 0.025 0.06 0.2 0.5.

The product has added a temperature heating design based on BR1, which can accurately control the temperature control range of ± 2 ℃. The temperature heating design mainly consists of heating rods and temperature controllers, with a maximum temperature of 300 ℃. Heating power options include 150W and 300W.

Product accessories:

H1BR1 accessories include 1. BR1 pressure-reducing valve. 2 Heating rod (with built-in sensor). 3 Ct6 explosion-proof junction box. 4 -99 ℃ to 999 ℃ temperature controller. Five Explosion proof armoured joint.

Product Dimensional Drawing:

Product Mechanical Operation Guidelines:

The mechanical part of the product is the same as the BR1 universal pressure-reducing valve. By default, the pressure regulating rod is fixed with a nut. If you need to adjust it yourself, please get in touch with the engineering department.

Product Electronics Operations Guide:

The temperature controller has three wires, which are red (live wire), blue (zero wire), and black (ground wire).

Before wiring, please observe whether there are any damages or cracks around the housing. Make sure to shake the housing to check for looseness. If so, please do not connect the wires and contact us.

Before wiring, please observe whether the three wires exposed on the explosion-proof armoured street are red, blue, and black. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

The electronic wiring method is 220V AC and requires a three-pin plug to connect the live and neutral wires to the ground wire.

The temperature controller is in the off state by default, with a default temperature adjustment of 100 ℃. The maximum temperature of the heating rod is 300 ℃. Do not adjust the temperature controller to above 300 ℃. The temperature controller has a cooling function and defaults to the "H" heating mode. Do not adjust to the "C" cooling mode. Before opening the temperature controller, please connect the fluid inlet valve; the heating rod must not dry burn.

Thermostat panel diagram:

Circuit diagram:


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