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BP3 High Flow Adjustable Back Pressure

The BP3 Back Pressure Valve is a large flow back pressure valve designed based on the BR3 series pressure regyulators.The Cv is up to 1.1 and the soft seat allows the valve to accurately set the back pressure value.

Product introduction

● Can be used for corrosive gases or liquids

● Large diameter diaphragm design with sensitive pressure sensing

● The body material is made of 316L stainless steel

● Multiple valve seat sealing materials are available

Technical parameters

● Maximum operating temperature 260 ℃ (500 ℉)

● Pressure control range 0-500psi (34.4bar)

● Flow coefficient (CV) 1.1

● NPT1/2 "F NPT1/4" F threaded connection

● Weight 1.45K

Installation dimensions


How to order


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