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BP1 Adjustable Back Pressure

The BP1 Series is designed for either liquid or gas service in instrumentation systems. Similar in design to pressure reducing control regulators which regulate outlet pressures,back pressure regulators control the inlet pressure. In low flow or closed systems, over-pressures often are released by pressure relief valves. This type of relief is on-off with no throttling control. In contrast to relief valves, the back pressure control regulator with its throttling action substantially improves system pressure regulation.

Product introduction

● Can be used for corrosive gases or liquids

● Optional metal and rubber diaphragm seals

● 316L stainless steel and other optional materials

● Various sealing valve seat materials

Technical parameters

● Pressure control range 0 to 500psi (34.4 bar)

● Flow coefficient (CV) 0.06/0.025/0.01/0.2/0.3

● NPT1/4 "F threaded connection

● Maximum working temperature 260 ℃ (500 ℉)

● Weight 0.86K

Installation dimensions


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